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Netzel Air redefines local marketing with stunning drone-captured videos, offering a unique aerial perspective that sets your brand apart. Our expert team blends advanced drone technology with creative storytelling to highlight your business in an engaging and memorable way. Elevate your promotional efforts and captivate your audience with Netzel Air – where your brand reaches new heights.

Aerial Services with Attention to Detail

Sara Sheets

Kyle is both an artist and a pilot. You can tell he really loves to fly and prioritizes customer service, quality and getting you everything you need. Very enjoyable to work with!

Meghan N.

Netzel Air does a top quality job on every project. They are up to date on technology and very skilled with drones!

Bob R.

Kyle' is clearly dedicated to service, unique images and open to challenging projects. His efforts were much appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions

How do you determine pricing for a job?

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing on all services, with reasonable change order fees if and when necessary. We will work with you in any way to assure your satisfaction.

How do you do construction progression photos?

Drone waypoint software is a crucial tool in the construction industry for planning and executing repeatable flights over construction sites. This technology allows drones to fly along predetermined paths and capture consistent, precise data over time, which is essential for monitoring construction progress, conducting inspections, and ensuring project milestones are met.

What is the turnaround time on files/photographs?

Asset delivery time will vary depending on editing requirements, travel time, etc. If only raw files are needed, they will be delivered within 24 hours.

What other services do you offer?

  • Real Estate Photography

  • Real Estate Videography

  • Aerial Property Tours

  • 2D Orthomosaics for Construction

What qualifications are important when hiring a drone pilot?

Hiring a drone pilot for commercial purposes involves considering various qualifications to ensure compliance with regulations, safety, and the quality of the work performed. Here are the key qualifications and considerations when hiring a drone pilot:

  • Having Part 107 License


  • Insurance

  • Experience & Specialization

  • Knowledge of Regulations & Airspace

  • Equipment Proficiency

  • Safety Record

  • Professionalism & Communication

  • Local Regulations & Permissions

What areas are served?

Greater Omaha, NE Area

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